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Adult Classes


We have a variety of Adult Sunday School classes at Forsyth United Methodist Church. Sunday School offers people an opportunity to study the scriptures in more depth and the ability to ask questions in a small group setting. It provides an excellent group of people to share your needs and concerns.

Our classes are involved in mission projects, special activities and social events throughout the year. They strive to minister to class members and build a sense of community among its members. The fellowship and sense of belonging are rewarding.

We encourage visitation of the various classes in order to choose which one best suits your style.

Sunday School

Growth is a normal part of life. This is true for our spiritual life as well. The standard by which we measure that growth is the life of Christ. Christians must continually be seeking to become more like Him. Spiritual growth results from discipleship, and one of the best discipleship tools is Sunday School. An effective Sunday School class provides a comfortable setting that is conductive to learning, where a well-prepared teacher presents a biblically based lesson in understandable, age-appropriate terms. At Forsyth United Methodist Church we believe that Bible study and Christian fellowship can help us to develop spiritually to become true Disciples at every stage of life. We offer Sunday School classes at 9:45 each Sunday morning to all ages from preschool through Senior Adults. We invite you to visit the various classes in order to choose one that is right for you!

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Open hearts, open minds, open doors; the people of Forsyth United Methodist Church take seriously the challenges facing the world today. God is always calling us to be disciples of the gospel and to be loving neighbors. We warmly welcome all to come and join us.